Tweed Valley Cosmetic Injectables has now re-branded to Tweed Valley Aesthetics! Fresh name, same great service.

Treatments for your Cheeks & lips

The contours of your cheeks and the curves of your lips beautifully define your femininity.

Our treatments aim to highlight your grace, elegance and unique charm. 


Define and highlight your best features.


Enhance or restore your natural curves and contours.


Boost your confidence with healthy skin and lips.


Aesthetic, non-surgical procedures to redefine volume & definition.

Set a no-obligation appointment with our Registered Nurse Jacqui to discuss your goals. She’ll put together a personalised treatment plan that suits you and your budget.


Product Spotlight

Lip Me Dreamscreen (SPF 50+): Formulated for soft, moisturised lips and comes in watermelon and vanilla flavours.

Clear As Day Dreamscreen (SPF 50+): Doubles as an SPF & primer to shield from harmful UV rays and provides a hydrated, glowy finish.

Golden Glow Dreamscreen (SPF 50+): Sheer tinted sunscreen that leaves a luminous-satin finish.

Provides firmness and elasticity to the skin with a noticeable lifting effect and keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

Toskani Energising Cleanser: cleans, purifies and tones the skin to improve overall appearance and promote absorption of creams and serums.

Toskani Purifying Cleanser: gently cleanses the face and the eye contour area to remove impurities and excess sebum that clog pores.

Prevents dehydration, loss of luminosity, skin laxity, and the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots – SPF30.

A model with natural, curly hair is holding a tube of Airyday Clear as Day Dreamscreen SPF 50+ sunscreen. She has applied a small amount of the product to her cheek, showcasing its texture and finish. The model has a radiant, glowing complexion and is wearing minimal makeup, emphasizing her natural beauty. The overall tone of the image is warm and inviting.
Pictured: Airyday Clear As Day SPF50+ Dreamscreen